High School Internship Program

Cocalico High School's Internship Course is a career exploration and training program that is established as a partnership between Cocalico High School students/staff and local businesses/industries. The main focus of the program is to support students in identifying careers of interest and working with local employers to establish training plans for the students to learn more about their chosen careers. This is a hands-on approach to learning.

Internships will require students to work a minimum of 120 hours per semester with at least 5 hours/week occurring during the school day. Additional hours will be provided based upon work performance evaluations and business need. In order to determine a grade for personal work experiences, students will be evaluated by the employer on a monthly basis, with a portion of the final grade being determined by the average of monthly evaluation scores. Students will be required to keep track of their weekly work schedules and report them to the Cocalico Internship Course teacher. Students will need to have a signed Training Agreement in order to be employed as part of their school day.

To find out more, check out Mr. Engle's conversation with local businessman, Mr. Josh VanderPlate of Vertex Mechanical, Inc. found in the video below..