School Resource Officer

Photo of Officer Fisher
Officer Eric Fisher


Please allow me to introduce myself to any of our new parents and students. My name is Eric Fisher and I am a sworn Police Officer for the East Cocalico Township Police Department. I have been employed with the ECT Police Department since October of 2005. Prior to working for the ECTPD, I spent several years as General Manager of a small mattress company with oversight on the sales floor. While working at the mattress company, I graduated in 2002 from Cairn University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. Then in May of 2005 I graduated from the Montgomery County Municipal Police Academy. I joined ECTPD in October of 2005. Since my time as a Police Officer, I have enjoyed several roles within the department. I have been part of the: Lancaster County DUI task force, South Central Task Force Mobile Field Force, and Bike Patrol Unit. I am also a Field Training Officer and the Liaison Officer for the Youth Aid Panel. In January of 2019, I took on the responsibility of being the School Resource Officer for the Cocalico School District.

I am married and have 4 kids and two dogs. I love hiking, biking and being outdoors.

My Mission Statement for the SRO position is to:
Raise, Lead and Empower a Generation to Change the WORLD!

Enough about me…If you as a parent have ANY problem that arises that will affect your child's well- being, PLEASE CONTACT ME. These situations include but are not limited to.... my kid won’t come to school, he/she is depressed, he/she is using drugs or alcohol, he/she is vaping, no food in the house, no running water, no clothing, not enough beds, lack of school supplies etc. We have some awesome resources that can assist you before the problem escalates. I cannot help if I don’t know what is going on. Please ask.

I look forward to the opportunity of interacting with students in any way that I can, as I focus on maintaining a safe learning environment for both students and staff. As we move forward into the school year. I am excited to assist you with any challenges that may arise, and to help educate students and staff on issues related to law enforcement and school safety.

As your SRO, I am committed to:
❖ Being visible within the school community to help deter criminal activity and student misconduct.
❖ Attending and participating in school functions.
❖ Building working relationships with students, staff and parent groups.
❖ Initiating interactions with students in the classroom.
❖ Promoting the profession of law enforcement and being a positive role model to students.
❖ Working with staff members to establish a safe and secure learning environment.
❖ Being an advocate on behalf of faculty members for emergency response training.

Please understand that we have a variety of students with vast differences in needs. As a school, we will strive to make sure every student has an opportunity to learn in a safe and productive environment. We hope to work with parents as a team to help your students get the best opportunities available.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your concerns and questions. My office is located in the High School or feel free to email me with concerns. Let’s work together for the safety of all. Let’s have an outstanding school year!

Thank you!

Eric Fisher
School Resource Officer Cocalico School District
East Cocalico Township Police Department.