Communication at the Middle School

Photo of Communication Icon

Communication is the competency that is the focus throughout the district for the 2018-19 school year.  Below are just some of the ways communication skills are being taught to middle school students.

Oratory Integration

CMS offers two ways to become more seasoned public speakers - the Ford's Theatre National Oratory Retreat and the Cocalico Oratory Invitational.

Socratic Seminars

Teachers use the socratic method of teaching to discuss a text and encourage students to listen, think critically, and articulate their thoughts and their responses to others.

Yearbook Club

Students communicate for a range of purposes and utilize media and technology to design, create, and publish yearbooks for sale and distribution each spring.

Musical Group Participation

Many students enjoy communicating through music and thus participate in chorus, band, and various ensembles. They learn to articulate and to publicly present to varied audiences.

Photo of student presenting at podium in Washington, D.C.

Middle school students singing in a concert