Title I Math & Reading Support

What is Title I?

The goal of the Cocalico School District is to help all students become proficient readers and confident mathematicians. To help students achieve this goal, Title I Math & Reading Services offer supplemental support to students who need extra practice in acquiring literacy and mathematics skills.

In grades K-5, services will be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the students and classroom and building schedules. Some supports may occur in a “push-in” model format where the intervention teacher or para comes to the regular classroom and provides support during small groups. Some students may be taken to another room to receive their instruction. All interventions are directed by a math & reading support teacher with support from the classroom teacher.

The Title I program is partially supported with federal funds. The programs are monitored regularly to ensure their effectiveness.

What kind of services are offered?

Students receive support to improve skills as needed in the following areas:

• Letter recognition
• Phonemic awareness
• Concepts about print
• Phonics
• Fluency
• Comprehension
• Word recognition/Vocabulary
• Written response to reading
• Applying reading strategies

• Subitizing (automatically recognizing amounts without having to count)
• Number sense
• Quantity Comparison
• Cardinality (number order)
• Skip counting
• Number patterns
• Computation
• Concepts and Applications

What can families do?

Practice is required in reading and math, just as in sports or music. Daily reading at home is an important part of any child's total reading program. Practicing basic math facts and playing math games is a great way to practice skills in a fun way! If you need specific ideas, please see the resources on this website or contact your reading/math support teacher.