Translation Information

Cocalico School District websites and documents can be translated into a number of languages. For information, please see below.

If you need additional translation and/or ESL information, please contact Mrs. Denise Logue, Director of Academic Supports, at [email protected] or (717) 336-1462.

To Translate Cocalico School District Websites:

  1. Click on the Down Arrow next to the "Language" field in the top left of the homepage.
    • Select the language needed.
    • To return to English, click on "Show Original" in Google Translate bar at the top of the page.
  2. If the language needed is not listed:
    • Right click anywhere on the page.
    • Click "Translate to English."
    • Click on the three dots and select "Choose Another Language."
    • Select the language needed.
    • Hit the "Translate" button.
    • To return to English, follow the steps above and select English as the requested language.

To Translate Cocalico School District Documents:

  1. Download the document, when available.
  2. Open up Google Translate in your Internet Browser.
  3. Follow the directions to upload the document and translate.