Secondary Program: Details & Expectations

PHoto of students in the online learning lab

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  • Click here to view a short video on the student experience.
  • Click here to access a middle school demo account and practice with a few of the courses. (Username - cocalico2; Password - cocalico2)
  • Click here to access a high school demo account and practice with a few of the courses. (Username - cocalico1; Password - cocalico1)


  • Cocalico School District teachers monitor coursework and grade assignments.

Online Options for Learning

  • Option 1 - Full-time online learning at an off-site location
  • Option 2 - Full-time online learning in a computer lab
  • Option 3 - Individual online courses at an off-site location
  • Option 4 - Individual online courses at school

Course Structure

  • Courses are rigorous and standards-aligned.
  •  Lessons center around video-based instruction and include multiple learning activities. Most lessons follow a format of:
    • Warm-up Video
    • Instructional Video
    • Summary Video
    • Assignment/Practice
    • Lesson Quiz
  • Courses have embedded projects, essays and performance tasks.
  • Unit tests assess knowledge after completing several lessons.
  • High school courses also include a final exam at the conclusion of the course.

Daily Schedule

  • Lessons are independent and self-paced. There are no “live” sessions.
  • Students must log in and complete work each school day; however, they are not required to be logged on at a certain time of the day.
  • Students should expect to spend an average of about 5 hours per day on their school work. This can be broken up throughout the day.

Student Accountability for Parents

  • Parents receive an automatic weekly progress report.
  • Each course displays the student’s current progress and grade on his/her homepage.
  • A course map with a calendar guide is included for each course.
  • Each activity, that has been completed, displays a check mark.
  • Overdue activities are displayed with a red alert. The system will also generate an estimated amount of time needed for a student to catch up on their course work.