Health Room Services

The major focus of the nursing program is to encourage healthy life style practices and knowledge regarding disease prevention for all students.

Pennsylvania Department of Health Mandated Screenings are:

  • Physical Exams - on original entry (K or Grade 1), Grade 6, and Grade 11
  • Dental Exams - on original entry (K or Grade 1), Grade 3, and Grade 7 
  • Vision Screening - all students every year
  • Height and Weight measurement - all students every year
  • Body Mass Index for Age Calculations- all students every year
    • This is a screening mandated by the PA State Dept of Health using height, weight, and age calculations in order to identify those students at risk for health conditions related to underweight, overweight, and obesity. It is recommended that each child identified in the < 5 or > 95 percentile groups be referred for follow-up evaluation by their primary care provider.
  • Hearing Screening - all students Grades K-3, 7, and 11
  • Scoliosis Screening - Grades 6 and 7